Why Don’t More Places Accept Pets?

If you ask most pet owners, their beloved dog/cat/budgie or goldfish mean so much more to them than simply just being something nice to look at or feed. In many cases pets are an extension of our personalities and offer use the chance to experience responsibility on a level that goes beyond simply caring for ourselves. For those of us that are unable to have children or who live alone, they give companionship and offer solace in times of isolation. This is why there is such a rousing debate surrounding the topic of why pets are not accepted into more places.

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Sure, some select hotels accept dogs and many public places go as far as to allow in guide dogs, but what about the rest? What about taxis or restaurants? Why is taking your dog with you when you go out for lunch not the norm like it is in other countries? Europe on the whole is far more open minded when it comes to allowing besotted animal owners to include their pets in their everyday activities and offer more opportunities for you to take your beloved creatures with you. Here in the UK, taking pets to public places that don’t include the park can be a little more taboo and we aren’t all too comfortable about it.

Hygiene is always reason number one when it comes to the subject of why pets aren’t allowed into more places than humans are. A lot of people worry about their health of which hygiene plays a key part and pets have always been given a bad rep when it comes to spreading fleas and dirt (this may have something to do with their toileting habits etc.). Many people look at dogs and other animals as a breeding ground for bacteria and this stereotype is why many pets are frowned upon being taken into restaurants or hospitals, for example.

Another key reason why more pets aren’t readily welcomed into certain places is due to safety. The media has certainly portrayed many animals and pets as temperamental creatures, with stories of people being attacked and hurt badly by other people’s pets. Many parents are also cautious when around large animals due to the fact that their children are vulnerable to being hurt by animals who don’t know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to interacting with young children. Parents tend to feel on edge in the presence of a pet that they don’t know as they are unsure of what their behaviour will be. It appears to be easier for restaurant and hotel managers to keep pets out rather than have to deal with a lawsuit should anyone be hurt by another visitors animal.

The damage that can come as a result of letting pets into different buildings is probably one of the biggest factors that restrict pet owners as to where they can go with their beloved creature. While many pets are well trained and will cause no problems, there are always a few that cause mess and damage to someone’s business. This means that mangers of hotels and other places have to decide whether they let animals in and then have to deal with having to professionally clean their rooms or simply not allow animals all together and save on the stress.

Rightly or wrongly, it seems that the fact that animals are not welcomed into many places with open arms is unlikely to change any time soon. Maybe over time we will be able to get to a point where your beloved pooch or kitten is able to go absolutely everywhere with you, but until now they will just have to continue being cherished at your home instead, which isn’t so bad after all, is it? If you are booking a hotel, be sure to always call up before hand or read online reviews before simply assuming a place is pet-friendly.