The Business World Embraces Technology and the Power of a Discount

Every single operating business shares one major similarity – they all require new customers in order to grow.

In a crowded business world, this is often easier said (or typed), than done.

This has been a particular challenge for clothing designers and fashion houses. As more and more smaller boutiques open up, it can be difficult grow your customer base.

Until recently, the fashion world’s entry into the digital age has been more focused on design and branding. Labels used their web presence as a mere extension of their physical stores.

However, more recent times have seen some of the big players in the fashion world embrace technology in a way they never thought they would – through discount coupons platforms.

If you are new to online coupons, start with the Groupon Coupons page for Aeropostale. The general idea behind this platform is to create a new marketplace where brands can attract new customers through a shared desire – a discount/coupon.

Online coupon platforms have quickly become a way for businesses, both big and small, to entice new customers by way of a discount. And it works. Here’s now.

A shopper takes out their phone and opens a coupon app. Instead of telling it what sort of store they want a discount from, they instead search for the product, looking for a discount.

It is from these results which the consumer will base their next decision. Not while looking at a range of popular or large brands, but by looking at a list of companies who are willing to exchange a discount in return for a new customer.

If this wasn’t enough, these results can be further refined by location. With location aware devices in the hand of every shopper, these services can find discounts on the products the user wants which are within their proximity.

With a press of a button, these apps can even direct the (now) new customer to your store for redemption!

If you can’t already see, this is a powerful tool for businesses large and small. These platforms are not only attracting new customers, but literally directing them into the door of the merchant.