Honor Loans

Honor loan: what possibilities with the honor loan in 2019?

If you are negative, but an emergency has arisen and you need money, know that you can get a loan. So we’ve separated the best options for you to get out of this situation:

What are the credit options for negative?

Wallet no money

When financial institutions, such as banks and lenders are being denied, become suspicious and often refuse to lend to people in such conditions.

When these institutions agree to lend money, interest rates are generally higher. Therefore, we separate the types of loans that you can acquire:

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

One of the credit options for negatives, is to place a property or vehicle as collateral for payment. But, this asset must be removed and registered in the name of who is applying for the loan.

In this mode, some banks may require that part of the money borrowed be used to clear debts and to clear their name.

2. Pledge

If you need the money urgently, this is a great option. And there is no need to prove income and credit analysis.

In this option, you leave your property (jewels, watches, diamonds and valuables) with a financial or pawn house and receive 85% of the assessed value. The company gets your asset and you can only redeem when you pay the loan total (value received + interest).

The personal loan for negatives can be a way to pay off your debts at once.

The biggest disadvantage of the pledge is that the payment term is short, between 1 and 4 months. If you can not make the payment in this period, you will not be able to recover the asset. So one has to think hard about whether it will be possible to afford this commitment.

3. Payroll loan


This is a great option if you are working. Since the loan installments are discounted directly from the payroll, interest rates are generally lower than in other modalities.

It is worth mentioning that this type of loan needs to be well thought out, since the value of your salary will be lower during the payment of the installments.

But, not all financial institutions work with this type of loan for those who are negative.

4. Personal credit

Some fintechs offer personal credit to anyone who is negative.

In general interest rates are high and you have to make sure that you are doing a good deal before finalizing the application.

To do this, keep an eye on the CET value (Total Effective Cost) of the financial transaction. It will show the requested loan amount plus interest and financial transaction fees.

Companies that offer loans for negatives

Companies that offer loans for negatives

Some companies work with credits for people with negative CPF, such as Simplic and Noverde .

Another option is the Low Interest company, which functions as an online simulator and offers more than 30 loan options for you to take out your debts quickly. Check the information on the website and make your simulation.

Is it worth borrowing, even if it is negative?

For those who are negative , high interest rates and the impossibility of negotiating payment (installments and interest rates) is a reality.

However, this can also be an opportunity to clear your name. Either by exchanging more expensive debt for cheaper debt or even taking some of the previous debts to the amount requested.

Calculator,loan application

You need to plan and control your finances when acquiring a loan.

Some care before applying for the loan

There are many companies that take advantage of people defaulting to apply scams. Therefore, it is essential to research hard on the company that will lend you the money. And be wary of proposals with very low interest rates and many payment facilities.

Customized Loans

Which is more convenient? – Customized loans

Often, when you need a loan and start taking a look at the various proposals, you find yourself reading “strange” acronyms like Taeg and Tan . You always wondered what they are, right? The time has come to clarify, so you will discover not only what they are but you will also understand the fundamental role they play in choosing a loan rather than another.

First of all, the Tan and the Taeg are important indicators used to calculate the cost of the loan, that is how much you will actually pay in terms of expenses the requested loan .

Content index

  • 1 What is the Tan?
  • 2 What is the Taeg?
  • 3 Tan and Taeg: which is more convenient?

What is Tan?

The Tan , Nominal Annual Rate , corresponds to the interest to be paid each year for the loan requested. Specifically, it is the amount due to the credit institution. It varies according to the amount of the loan and is usually not paid in a single installment but is deferred in small monthly installments within the loan installments.

Usually the French repayment plan is applied to the Tan . This means that initially the reimbursement of the Tan takes place at a higher rate and then decreases towards the end of the repayment of the loan .

What is Taeg?

Money Dollar

The Taeg , Annual Global Effective Rate , represents all the costs and annual expenses to be incurred after receiving the loan. The Taeg therefore includes the costs of opening the account, the payment of the policies, stamp duties, communications and management fees.

The Taeg does not include optional ancillary costs , ie default interest, government stamps, non-compulsory insurance and any notary fees.

Taeg is not used for rate calculation but we need it to understand how much a loan can be cheaper than another.

Tan and Taeg: which is more convenient?

You must always pay attention: the Tan can never be higher than the Taeg and the Taeg itself can always be equal to or greater than the Tan. At most, the Tan can be zero if the loan is at zero rate . Even though it may seem convenient to you, you must be absolutely aware of the value of the Taeg because the costs and costs of the loan could be very high and, consequently, inconvenient.

Blank Loans

Blank loans – get answers directly

Aros Finans cooperates with Axo Finans and is active in Scandinavia where they mediate unsecured loans through 17 different lenders. An application for a loan between 5000 up to SEK 600,000 over a term of 1 to 15 years requires only 1 UC registration but gives you a loan promise of tough competition where you can choose the offer that suits you best.

The affiliated banks and lending institutions include Bank Norwegian, Bluestep, Collector Bank, Frogtail, Marginalen Bank, Nordax Bank, Santander, Sevenday Finance, Svea Ekonomi, FOREX Bank, Wasa Kredit, Lendify and Avida Finans.

Aros Finance, private loans SEK 5000 – SEK 600,000:

  • Answer the same day (before 16:00)
  • Open loan offer for 30 days
  • 1 UC strike covers 17 applications
  • Long term up to 15 years

Aros Finans is an independent loan intermediary based in Denmark but who directs its business in Swedish and Norwegian private individuals (the lenders who handle the applications are Swedish lending institutions). The purpose is to help you get better loan terms and that by cooperating with serious actors who can tailor a loan according to your wishes.

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

There are quite a number of advantages to applying for a loan through a loan intermediary, firstly, your application is treated separately with each of the lenders just in the same way as when you apply directly with them. The difference here is that you save on the number of UC strikes and do not need to risk your credit rating deteriorating. You get up to 17 loan promises that are open for 30 days , which means that you have 30 days to carefully review the terms and costs offered by each of the lenders who approved you as their customer. Once you have approved the agreement, direct payment can be made.

Apply for a loan

You can find the free application directly on the home page. It is as easy to fill in your tasks via smartphone, tablet or computer as the form is clear and goes in simple steps. In order to finally submit your application, you log in via BankID to verify that you are the one you state to be. Aros Finans then sends your application to the majority of banks, after which you will receive a competitive offer (as long as you meet the basic requirements that are set, see below).

Payment and credit check

Applications are handled during weekdays until 16:00, if you submit your application within office hours, you will usually receive a reply the same day. If the application comes in during an evening or weekend, you will be notified the following weekday. Take your time to read through all the conditions and compare costs in peace and quiet. When signing through BankID, the money is transferred to your bank account within a few days.

Aros Finans makes a credit report via UC that covers the application with all lenders. In order to be granted a loan, one should have good creditworthiness, unfortunately payment remarks are not accepted even if selected partners can accept remarks if you apply with them directly (eg Frogtail ).

Interest and expenses

When applying through a loan intermediary, the application itself is completely free of charge, after which it is individual lender who sets their individual interest rates with any fees such as avi or administrative work. As usual, the interest rate is based on one’s economic situation / form of employment, ongoing loans or any debts and the amount and duration applied for. The interest rate starts from 2.95% – 24%. Starting fee SEK 495 and invoice cost of SEK 35 / month. All costs are presented after you submit the application and it is then up to you to decline or approve the agreement.


How to get investment to increase the company

If you are reading this text it is because you have come to an important moment in business, achieved business maturity and now have more ambitious project plans for it. So it will need investment to grow the company and sometimes this may be a bit more difficult than you imagine to achieve.

Our goal in this post is to help you get the investment you need to put your plans into action. Everything is as practical and fast as possible. For this, we list below some of the main means.

It is important to remember that some will be more suitable than others for you, and the right choice will depend on an internal evaluation. However, many of these tips can be used together, boosting your ability to invest. Check out!

1. Reduction of own costs and investments

When it comes to getting an investment to grow the company, most managers are thinking of raising funds, but there is a simple alternative that will depend only on internal behavioral change.

By making an effort to implement a cost and expense reduction plan , more money will automatically be left over, and over time, it will form a considerable amount. To do this, focus on in-depth research on internal processes and find ways to optimize them to reduce the wastefulness of resources.

Better than this: after achieving concrete results with the economy, create your own investment plan. Fixed income, mutual funds and stocks are some options that can bring high profits in the medium and long term. The most important is to assess the risks and costs of each mode to ensure real profits in the future.

2. Addition of new members

Another interesting option to get an investment to increase the company is to have new partners in the business. Considering that a partner will have to buy part of the company or inject capital to expand its equity value, this can give an economic boost to the venture and still leave resources left over to invest.

Whether you are a relative, friend or investor interested in the business, consider this possibility. The only caution is to leave all the rights and duties of the parties well informed in a formalized and legally recognized contract.

3. Bank Loan

Bank lending is one of the most sought after means to get money, but it is not always the best option. It turns out that the process of releasing resources can be very time consuming due to the bureaucracy involved in this type of modality.

Many banks require a business plan to attest to the feasibility of the project, not counting the guarantees that can be very high and scaring a little.

In addition, costs with high interest rates can make the investment unfeasible for the company, as it will require a longer time for the return of the company. The tip is to research hard to get the most attractive rates in the market, if you choose this mode.

4. Opening of capital

Maybe you have not thought of it yet, but the IPO can be a great way to get investment to grow the company. In short, in this modality, you will have a part of your company divided into thousands of small shares and made available on the stock exchange for buy and sell negotiations.

So the company gets money fast, but must undergo an internal audit before, to conform to Bovespa standards . In addition, more efficient control over operations is required to properly track results and pay the right dividends to investors who are entitled to it.

Despite the complexity involved in the modality, the advantages can compensate, since it helps the company with the objective of obtaining more resources available to invest in growth and, at the same time, makes it more known and relevant in the market.

5. Investors Angels

5. Investors Angels

Most angel investors are individuals who have the desire to invest part of their equity in projects with attractive returns. They usually invest in areas they like, and a well-done business plan will be instrumental in convincing them to invest in your business.

It’s good to remember that a compelling business plan does not mean lying or hiding certain information, but delivering accurate data. Accurate and true information counts more than empty promises of exorbitant profits in this mode.

6. Venture capital

The venture capital (VC) modality represents a group of investors that provide financial resources for the application in low, medium and high risk projects, regardless of the size of the company.

It is not common to participate in projects that are still entirely on paper. They prefer to invest in projects in which the company is already operating and with good revenue generation, but which have great potential for the development of operations and expansion of business.

As a result, they achieve fast returns and a good rate of profitability. This is a great chance to get quick and easy money to grow the business.

7. Online Loan

We left the best for last. If, on the one hand, bank loans are complex and expensive, the mode of online loans is totally affordable and uncomplicated, making it one of the best investment-fundraising options to increase the company.

Through a fully online platform , you can borrow without red tape, with access to resources much faster. And it does not even have to be in the company for that. Just have a mobile device with access to the internet and you can carry out the entire process of requesting and releasing the resources.

All this speed and mobility allows you to save time and money with locomotions to the bank branch. Thus, you no longer lose opportunities for delayed release of money.

These are some of the key means of getting an investment to increase the company. Some are more advantageous than others and can be used together, but you will need to decide this by evaluating what the real needs of the business are.


How to increase revenue by borrowing credit the right way?

Whether as working capital to leverage the business or as an alternative to repay small debts, it is common that, at some point, a company managers see the need to increase revenue by applying for a loan. Among so many doubts that may arise at this time, one of the most common is: how to get credit in the right way for my company?

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think, not always the loan is something negative. When done right, with planning and organization, it can contribute to raising the institution’s revenue in a healthy and sustainable way.

To know the answer to the question we asked in the first paragraph, keep following this post and check out our tips and guidelines that will help your company prepare to apply for a loan in the right way.

Does your business need a loan?

Does your business need a loan?

The first step is to know if your business really is in need of a loan and if the same is feasible for the reality in which you find yourself. For example, for a company that is already heavily indebted, borrowing to pay off debt can turn everything into a snowball, further aggravating the situation and compromising your financial health.

The ideal is to respect your possibilities for the moment, taking into account a well-structured financial planning.

When is the right time to apply for a loan?

We have already talked here on our blog about the best time to make a loan . When done at the wrong time, it can disrupt the entire financial structure of your business and generate many problems.

Therefore, well defined goal, well-planned planning and organization of cash flow are some of the points that should be considered before choosing to make or not to apply for a loan.

Organizing Your Cash Flow

Having an organized cash flow represents a greater control over the financial movement of your company. Revenues, accounts receivable, expenses, income, valuation or devaluation of investments and any other entry or exit of money must be included in this registry.

However, to be effective, you need to keep your cash flow current. Here are 5 tips that will help you with this:

Set a control period

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You need to determine the period of monitoring of your cash flow according to your company’s demand. The point is that this interval is not too long. So you do not run the risk of losing control.

Make a survey of your fixed expenses

Make a survey of your fixed expenses

By listing all your company’s monthly fixed expenses, you can determine which minimum billing you need to keep your business running.

Record accounts payable and accounts receivable

Make a forecast that includes your accounts payable as well as your accounts receivable. In this way, in addition to the current consolidated balance, it is possible to determine the future balance provisioned.

Separate your income and expenses by categories

Separate your income and expenses by categories

Consumer accounts, internet, inputs, services, employee pay, among others. In addition to identifying different colors – for example, blue for recipes and red for expenses – another tip is to sort them by categories.

Plan for the short term

Having all of the records listed and visible, you can have greater control over your finances and thus carry out more effective planning that encourages the performance of your company.

How to arrange to apply for the loan

Knowing that the loan is the best option and with your cash flow on schedule, it’s time to analyze the credit possibilities. Reflect on everything that will come with it – installments, interest, deadlines – and choose the option that works best for your current reality. Research well, have a critical eye, and compare the alternatives.

Remember to take into account the activities and size of your company. This is because the agencies can offer special conditions according to their segment.

Online loans simplify and debure bureaucracy for corporate credit

A very efficient alternative to simplify and reduce bureaucracy the credit contraction are fintechs .

When compared to traditional loans – those made directly to banks – online loans present many facilities for your company. Understand what they are:

  • Everything from the internet: from the offer request to the signing of the contract, EVERYTHING is done online through your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You save time, money and do not need to move to the bank;
  • Transparency: when doing a simulation you are already informed about all rates, interest, value of the parcels and Total Effective Cost (CET);
  • Lower fees: As everything is done over the internet, consequently, operating costs are lower. There is also no charge of any advanced value;
  • More agility: with less bureaucracy, your credit request is answered quickly and you receive the requested money in less time.

So, did you like this article? We at BizCapital are here to help business owners who want to see their business take off! Keep an eye on our blog and check out other tips on the world of entrepreneurship.


Digital marketplace that provides loans and investment opportunities for private individuals

Brocc is a digital marketplace that provides loans and investment opportunities for private individuals. It is possible both to apply for unsecured loans from SEK 10,000 up to SEK 350,000 for a term of 6 months up to 10 years, and that you can invest as a private individual, self-employed or organization and thereby lend their own money to the customers. The modernized kind of loans between private individuals is also called P2P . The advantage is that there is no intermediary in the same way as the bank and thereby reduces the costs for both parties. It is also you yourself who choose how you want to invest your investment / loan depending on how your finances look.

Brocc, private loans SEK 10,000 – SEK 350,000:

  • Borrow or invest to Swedish private individuals
  • Clear conditions and longer prices
  • Only fixed rate
  • Loan protection for private loans

Brocc provides a very safe and flexible service that is based on the customers’ terms. Instead of having the bank draw interest and associated costs for holding an account or card, you save a lot through a P2P opportunity.
You can halve the cost of a loan if you choose to collect your current debt through a collective loan. Brocc also offers loan protection that comes into effect on illness or unemployment, which ensures the economy for all parties. For those who want to invest, both regular and one-time investments are allowed.

Invest capital with preferential interest

You always lend out the invested money to at least 40 people, which gives a maximum of 2.5% of your equity per loan. Spreading the money in this way reduces the risk of being governed by another person’s repayment ability. Brocc manages all the administrative work for you, this also includes the collection of payments from the borrowers, after which you do not have to spend more time than necessary on the investments.

You own the loan units altogether and can change your investment choices at any time and switch between reinvesting, “interest-paying” or “paying out”, which you can easily do by logging on ‘On my pages’. If desired, it is also possible to have more than one account with different investment profiles. When your invested money is not lent, they are separated on a client media account at Handelsbanken.

Start investing / Apply for a loan

Start investing / Apply for a loan via Brocc

Applying for a loan takes no more than 2 minutes and takes place directly on the website. Fill in the information requested in the form and verify by logging in with BankID. It is possible to have a co-applicant, which generally increases the chances of becoming an approved application amount.

For those who want to invest, fill in a separate form on the page. Click in if it is a company or private person and then create an account with Brocc. The whole process goes fast and takes place online.

Payment and credit check

Payment and credit check

Brocc takes a credit report via the UC center and makes an individual assessment of all applicants. Only you with good creditworthiness, stable income and no payment remarks are approved a loan. When applying for a loan online, a preliminary answer is given within a few minutes, in order to ensure that the credit report is approved and that the loan can be paid out, however, one has to wait for a confirmation email. From signing (and supplemented with any ID documents) and accepting the agreement, it takes 1-2 banking days until the money is in the bank account.

‣ No credit report is taken on the person who wants to invest, instead you need to answer some control questions when creating an account. Subsequently, a PEP-control (Person in political position) is also made when separate rules apply to investment.
For those who want to invest it is also required that they are a customer of a Swedish bank.

Interest and costs

Interest and any costs may vary slightly depending on how creditworthy you are. Ongoing loans, employment and ownership weigh in together with the desired loan amount and maturity. Interest rate spreads are between 3.25 – 24.99%, the loan is an annuity loan, which means that you pay a fixed amount every month via direct debit. Instead, investors pay a service charge of 1.8% covering all administrative work (2% if you wish to sell). The application for a loan via Brocc is free and non-binding.

Business Loans

5 Infallible Tips For Not Falling Into Business Loan Scam

Faced with different needs , applying for a line of credit for your company may be the best and most indicated choice. However, in case you do not make the right option, you may suffer a business loan scam. an elucidation on

This type of trick happens when you apply for a claim to a supposed company or representative that requires, in return, that an amount be deposited in advance. After that, the scammer disappears with your money (and you do not receive the amount equivalent to the loan).

To stay on top of this scam, keep following our post and check out 5 tips to quickly recognize malicious proposals. Check out!

How not to fall into the blow of business lending?

Make sure the company exists

To avoid being cheated, you need to be very cautious when choosing an entity to get the loan. Here, all care is little. Therefore, before considering a company to apply for credit, verify that the financial institution is authorized by the Central Bank.

Doing this query is simple. Just go to the Central Bank website and look for the ” Find an Institution ” option. You can also reach us by phone at the number 145. You will need to have in hand some information and data about the company in a short time, to discover its origin and regulation.

In the case of some digital credit companies, it is only possible to find the name of the financial institution responsible for making the credit and investment operations carried out. To verify BizCapital, for example, one should look for the name of Socinal SA – Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento , a partner institution that has been operating in the market for more than a decade.

Know the rates and terms

Loan Rates

If you want to get away from a blow and at the same time not be surprised by abusive agreements and clauses, it is your duty – and right! – read and understand each line written in the contract.

Therefore, be aware of the fees charged, the existence of additional charges and terms that are not well explained or that are not in accordance with the law. Also evaluate the CET (Total Cost Effective), since this is the parameter that must be considered to know if your firm is able to pay off the debt.

Serious financial entities do not commit a very high percentage of your company’s income to repay the loan. Institutions that act in bad faith do not respect the limits of the CET. Therefore, read and reread the contract as often as necessary.

The basic parts that should be included in a business loan agreement are:

  • qualification: your personal information;
  • creditor: name of the company that is making available the credit or data of the correspondent bank;
  • promise of payment: commitment to comply with loan payments;
  • characteristics of the credit operation: total credit, IOF, interest, tariffs, CET, net credit amount, annual rate and coefficient for calculating the definition of the value of the benefits;
  • form of payment: value, quantity, form of payment and maturity date of the parcels;
  • data of the correspondent: address, CNPJ, corporate name and other information of the financial institution releasing the credit;
  • charges: full description of the percentage of interest incident on the occurrence of delays in the payment of installments;
  • Release form: Your company’s bank account number to deposit the credit amount.

In addition to thoroughly reviewing the contract, keep any advertising or advertising you find, either on the institution’s website or in information leaflets. This is a great way to prove the conditions that have been offered. In addition, request an e-mail copy of the entire contract.

Search for company history

When considering an institution to apply for your business credit , check to see if it has cases of serious complaints or even indications from clients who have already been injured or have suffered loan scams.

At this stage, the indicated thing is to do searches on the internet. Searchers such as Google, social networks and consumer protection sites Reclame Here and Procon are great tools to find the institution’s homepage, complaints, reviews and customer comments.

When doing a search on the company’s website, look for a green lock. This is the security certificate token that indicates that the platform user has an encryption system so that third parties do not have access to your information.

Never make deposits in advance


When the company asks for early deposit, beware! This is a big sign that you are about to take a hit. Always be wary of the insistence and pressure to make this transfer and never give in. It is unusual for reputable financial institutions to work with advance deposits to clear their credit.

In addition to not making value-for-money transactions, you should not provide your documentation before deciding to complete the business loan.

The most common way of scams and injuries in malicious people is to ask for a lump sum before you contract and after that, disappear with your money without leaving information. Always protect yourself and distrust!

Do not make deposits on accounts of individuals

Another sign of corporate loan scam is when the company representative requests that the agreed amount be deposited in a personal bank account. This may mean that the person or company is not in compliance with the law or has something to hide.

Thus, any and all type of financial transaction or process involving a business loan on behalf of a financial institution should be done in the account of the entity. Always check your bank account and make sure that the person who is taking care of your contract actually represents the institution in which you claim to work.

Although there are misleads that apply the corporate loan scam, online credit, when done in conjunction with reputable, reputable and law-abiding companies, is a great alternative for your company, whether to bet on improvements or to get out of financial crises .


Private loan

Cashbuddy is the lender who offers clear and simple solutions when you are in need of a smaller private loan. They review your future ability to pay, which means that payment notes are not a problem to be granted a loan of between 5000 and 25,000 SEK. If you manage your repayments on an ongoing basis, there is also a good chance of increasing the loan to a total of SEK 45,000. The maturity is between 1 and 5 years with a fixed interest rate which is the same for all customers.

Cashbuddy blank loans, SEK 5000 – SEK 25,000:

  • Private loans with fixed costs
  • Loan despite payment remarks
  • Long term, up to 5 years
  • Chance of increased loans up to SEK 45,000

Payment and credit check

Processing takes place on an ongoing basis during weekdays between 08 – 17 (it is possible to submit your application 24 hours a day). To speed up the process, you can sign directly with BankID or e-identification. In some cases, the application may need to be supplemented with documents, otherwise payment will be made within 1-3 banking days – to all Swedish banks – from the time of approval.

Cashbuddy makes a credit check through UC on all customers. However, past debts and payment remarks are not a problem, but Cashbuddy primarily looks at your current financial situation. In order to be approved, it is necessary to have a fixed income in the form of a pension, temporary unemployment insurance or work.

Interest and costs

Interest and costs at Cashbuddy

The only cost that is added when a loan has been granted with Cashbuddy is the nominal annual interest rate of 26.05%, which means that the effective annual interest rate will be 29.4% independent amount or maturity. All costs are fixed so you know exactly how much you need to repay each month. Refunds are automatically made via direct debit on the 27th of each month, so that you also avoid avia tax. Monthly fee, set-up fee and delay fee are SEK 0 each. Everyone is entitled to 2 months free of charge per year, only after they have been repaid for at least 4 months.

Non-Bank Loans

Non-bank loans against collateral


A loan for a flat , house or plot requires a full set of documentation for the purposes of analysis and preparation of a suitable loan offer for you. On its basis, we are able to thoroughly examine the legal status of real estate, which allows you to present in the shortest possible period of 24 hours, the assumptions of the loan agreement for the client. Based on the parameters resulting from the documentation, we are also able to precisely determine the amount of the loan, which results from the estimated value of the property. In the descriptions you will find a link to the electronic database of land and mortgage registers where you can check the current legal status of your property.

A loan against the flat

  • No. of the Land and Mortgage Register.
  • Notarial deed confirming the purchase of an apartment.
  • Certificate from a co-operative or housing community about not paying rent.
  • Certificate from the Tax Office on exemption from inheritance and donation tax or on paid tax. This applies to real estate acquired on the road:
  • Decline – the certificate is always required.
  • Donations – a certificate required when the donation took place after January 1, 2007.
  • Pictures of each room and photos of the staircase.

Home equity loan

  • No. of the Land and Mortgage Register .
  • Notarial deed confirming the purchase of real estate.
  • Extract from the land register.
  • Wyrys (map surveying) – only if the plot has an area above 30 ares or is marked as “Role”.
  • Certificate from the Tax Office on exemption from inheritance and donation tax or on paid tax. This applies to real estate acquired on the road:
  • Decline – a certificate is required for each Notarial activity.
  • Donations – a certificate required when the donation took place after January 1, 2007.
  • Pictures from the outside showing the whole building and photos of each room from inside the house.

A loan for pledging a building plot

  • No. of the Land and Mortgage Register .
  • Extract from the land register.
  • Wyrys (map geodetic).
  • Notarial deed confirming the purchase of real estate.
  • Certificate from the Tax Office on exemption from inheritance and donation tax or on paid tax. This applies to real estate acquired on the road:
  • Decline – a certificate is required for each Notarial activity.
  • Donations – a certificate required when the donation took place after January 1, 2007.
  • A few photos of the plot and neighboring buildings, the nearest neighborhoods.

Apartment without the Land and Mortgage Register

Loans are also granted for real estates that do not have an established Land and Mortgage Register. In this situation, we require a relevant certificate from the housing cooperative agreeing to separate the premises into the new Land Register and on the basis of this document on the day of signing the loan. The notary submits an application to the competent court to create it and charge it for the mortgage loan.